David F. Chandler, CDR USN  April 1975 - October 1976

R.I. Soupiset, CDR USN  October 1976 - September 1978

William L. Glenn Jr., CDR USN  September 1978 - January 1981

Jette M. Browne, CDR USN  January 1981 - February 1984

David S. Bill, CDR USN  February 1984 - March 1986

Robert O. Crawshaw, CDR USN  March 1986 - June 1988

William S. Doud, CDR USN  June 1988 - May 1990

Jimmie R. Jackson, CDR USN  May 1990 - June 1992

William J. Sweet, CDR USN  February 1992 - July 1993



Rank/Rate Name Dates on Board E-mail Comments
BT3 Adams, Christopher 2/85-3/88 Got off the Mahan in 88 and reenlisted in 1994-2000 in the reserves as a utilitiesman with the Seabees (NMCB-23).I currently work for Dominion Power at the Possum Point Power Plant in Dumfries,Va
BMSN Adams, Eric 91-93 washinals@comcast.net
EMFN Adams, Jimmie 90-91
BT2 (LNC(SW)) Adams, Mark 1/84-7/87 LN8387@hotmail.com

Retired Aug 2012 with 24 yrs service. Love those Snipes on DDG42 great memories ! I would love to see more shipmates at reunions or email me. I lit off USS ESSEX LHD 2 on Feb 12, 2012 for the last time and had the memory of Mahan snipes in my thoughts!

STG1 Aker, Glenn 1/92-1/93 akerg@suncom.blackberry.net I was the last Sonar Tech assigned to DDG-42.  Reported to the ship 1 day after the Sonar was Decommissioned.  Actually worked as MAA, Hazmat Coordinator and stood Fire control watches in CIC.
OS2 Albro, Thomas 3/76-12/78 baltorp@gmail.com
GMC(SW) Alderman, Steve 9/89-9/92 stephen.alderman@baesystems.com
LT Allen, Greg 7/81-5/88
BT2 Allen, Richard 4/81-10/84 rick.2662@yahoo.com WHERE IS EVERYBODY.....'B' Division ????
FC1 Ambrose, Terry 4/81-8/85 terenceambrose@verizon.net
OS2 Anderson, Michael S. 81-85 majoranderson@cox.net
RM3 Andolina, Joseph 83-86 andolinajoe@bellsouth.net
MMC(SW) Anger, Jerry H. 5/87-6/90 jerryanger@imsready.com
E6 Apgar, Thomas 2/83-6/86 tntlawncaresrvs@aol.com
MM2 Austin, Rick 5/85-5/87 meskauskas@prairieinet.net Lots of good times, great people and hard work.
CDR Armantrout, John T. 87-90 Trout92104@cox.net MAHAN was my initial Navy tour -- and a great tour it was! Served as FCO and A-Gang.
BM3 Bailey, Craig 11/87-7/89 craig_a_bailey@hotmail.com I have a goal for a STANAVFORLANT 1989 reunion to be held in Ghent, Belgium in 2009.  I would like to include members of all ships from the participating countries.  Anyone able to help with information or organization should contact me ASAP as this will be no small project.
E-5 Baldvins, Allan 9/80-10/84 albaldvins@arcserv.com
STG2 Baldwin, Rodger 8/80-3/82 rodgerb@comcast.net Happy to find this website.  I hope to be able to communicate with some old shipmates and talk about old times.
SMC Baldwin, Tom 8/89-12/92
DS1 Banbury, Milo 8/76-10/78
OS3 Barbato, Marco 3/75-2/77 Marcob24j@hotmail.com Served on DLG-11 and DDG-42.
HT3 Bane, Harvey 81-83 Harvey@HarveysRemodeling.com If your having a hard time remembering me. Think back to the "man-overboard stbd side" (2400)in port at Rosey Roads 1982. Ring any bells ??
EN3 Barker, Greg 78-80 barkers3@comcast.net I consider it a privilege to have served aboard the Mahan, I made many great friends, it was a few of the best years of my life. (Still looking for Mike Bishop, the Godfather of my daughter, Donna).
BT1 Barnes, Thomas C (Barney) 10/91-6/93 barnesthomas@msn.com Alive and well
FC3 Barton, Ivan 4/92-12/92 Ivan_Barton@instron.com
EM1(SW) Bauer, Don 8/88-8/91 donald.bauer@gmail.com EOOW - 89-91
SOY - 89
GMM1 Beamenderfer, Robert L. 8/86-10/92 Ran the missile house while onboard.
OSSN Bean, William C. 1/75-2/76 williboy55@hotmail.com
HT3 Bear, Valjean F. 9/89-2/92 vbear70@msn.com
FC3 Becigneul, Paul 8/89-6/93  pbike@comcast.net
OS3 Beck, James (Tony) 5/87-1/90 kceb03@hotmail.com You don't realize the bond you create with crew members, That you never forget about. I'm now a school Teacher in South Alabama, I often tell stories about all the places I have been. (but not what I did).
BM3 Beers, Ken 90-93
RM3 Bennett, Patrick 10/88-8/92 countrytank@blueyonder.co.uk This was my first ship. I met my wife in England while serving on board.
RMCS Bennett, Robert E. 2/81-10/83 elbob0@hotmail.com
E3 Berendt, William "Bill" 4/88-2/92 william.a.berendt@us.army.mil
GMC(SW) Bernard, Earnest J. 2/88-12/92 Earnest.Bernard@dfas.mil
Beth, Daniel R. 75-79 daniel.beth@srs.gov
CDR Bill, David S. 2/84-5/86
YN3 (YN1) Bird, Jose M. 6/86-11/89 josebird@bellsouth.net

Mahan was my first tour, I started in 1st Division and transfered to the Ship's Office (X & N Division) under Cdr Crawshaw, and Cdr Doud.

DSC/CWO (CWO4) Black, Norman Kenneth 7/79-3/83 blackfam@knology.net

Served as NTDS Chief and Chief Master at Arms under Cdr Glenn and Cdr Brown. I truly enjoyed being a Chief aboard the Mahan.  My wife, Lillian served as Ombudsman for nearly three years.

OS2 Black, Walt 6/85-4/89 wblack1022@gmail.com
OS2 Blackburn, Tim 11/75-4/79 tblackburn@adelphia.net
CDR Blackwell, Thomas M. 4/74-1/78
GMM3 Blevins, Ben 5/77-6/80 dusters@charter.net On board for Unitas in 77 and Med in 79.
Retired Sept 2000.
OS2 (MA1) Blose, Jeffrey A. 2/83-11/86 bloselakealfred@aol.com
FTG2 Bohacheff, Ronald 5/78-12/81 mvpchamp@msn.com Spent 3 1/2 years aboard the mahan,met many good people and a few not so good people aboard the ship. hope to hear from some shipmates, drop me an email.
LCDR Booth, Michael 10/82-7/84 michaelbooth1@cox.net
OS2 Bordeaux, David 11/82-1/85 DBORDEAUX2@ec.rr.com
MMC(SW) Borders, Ken 6/91-6/93 Bordekw@aol.com Retired in 1998, Manage a Cemetery District and work at Home Depot now.
PO2 Bradshaw, Lee 4/76-8/79 Lee-Bradshaw@Networks-Now.org
MM1 Brady, William C. 9/74-4/76
GMM3 Brand, Geoffrey 11/79-9/83 gabrand01@mmm.com
RM3 Brandenburgh, Toby F 3/83 - 2/86
MM3 Brannum, Ernest 5/83-1/85 brannumernest@yahoo.com
BT2 Brazen, Richard 75-78
OS1(SW) Brothers, Steve 88-93
E-4 Brouillard, Arthur 1/78-8/81 APB3D@HOTMAIL.COM
MAC Brown, Charles D. 7/80-10/83
BT1(SW) Brown, John M. 1/90-7/92 johnbrownm@comcast.net
FTG1 Brown, Ronald L. 3/82-11/83 ronald@totacc.com
CDR Browne, Jette 12/80-2/84
BT2 Brownheim, Scott 12/77-12/82 scott.brownheim@gmail.com
GMT1(SW) Buchanan, Ron 5/82-5/88 GMTCSWRon@direcway.com
E-4 Burell, Christopher D. 91-93 c_burell@hotmail.com
GMG2 Bush, William H. 6/84-12/87 fireaxe_64@yahoo.com
NCC Busic, David 8/82-8/84
ICC(SW) Buskirk, Ralph P. 4/82-7/86 paul@buskirk.com
MS2 Cain, Timothy F. 90-6/92 tim@appraisenc.com
EN2 Callahan, Robert 89-6/90 AppBuilder@aol.com
OS2 Canesi, Chuck 4/78-9/81 It was a great learning experience.  The Carribean, the Med, and the shipyard.  I missed most of the dry dock I"volunteered" for a second Med cruise at that time.  It's all good.  I did another 10 years in the reserves after leaving the Mahan.
EN2 Cardillo, John 11/81-9/85 jtjmca@yahoo.com Really enjoyed the times on the Mickey. Great bunch of guys on board. Engineers Rule.
EN2 Carlson, Joel 6/75-1/79 jrcarlson@live.com
OS3 Carroll, Jeffrey D. 11/84-5/87 jeffdcarroll@comcast.net
GMGSN Cartwright, Allen 8/82-1/85 owlj001@yahoo.com
GMM2 Charous, Tim 11/80-6/84 timsroaddogs@me.com
ET2(SW) Chase, Rich 4/84-9/86 Audrey_3936@msn.com
OS3 Chavis, John W. (Woodie) 9/84-11/88 Wdschavis@aol.com Hello to all my former Shipmates.
OS1 Chrisenberry, Mark 7/80-5/86 mchrisenberry@d11.uscg.mil Had my best times on the Mahan.
EW2 Clark, James F. 3/81-7/83 ronima@metrocast.net
IC2 Coates, David 76-80 dcoates@bellsouth.net
SH2 Cobb, John 11/75-12/77
CWO4 Cochrane, Douglas 12/77-12/79
LTJG Cody, Mark 9/82-12/85
BT1 Cole, Robert 12/79-12/84 rcole003@cfl.rr.com
MMCS(SW) Comfort, Patrick 7/80-10/81
STG2 Coogler, Warner G. 3/76-8/79 gearycoog@mindspring.com
EN3 Coonrod, Joe 10/86-4/89 Jcoo240811@aol.com 
QM2 Cooper, Michael 76-79 follycooper@earthlink.net
IC3 Copeland, Brian 4/89-1/92 briancopeland@south.net
FTM2 Corbett, James (Larry) 9/77-3/81 cormad1@live.com
BM2 Coughlin, Steve 12/76-4/80
MM2 Creameans, Mike 10/84-10/87
MMCM Crenshaw, Bill
BT3 Crenshaw, Chris "Willie" 5/88-2/92 willieconcrete@gmail.com
RM2(SW) Crider, Robert 2/82-5/83 rhcrider@aol.com
BM1 Cryer, Ralph L. 8/86-6/91 marietta.cryer025@gmail.com Retired 2002.  Work DOD Security at Damneck Navy Base, Virginia Beach, VA.
BT3 Cuevas, Roberto D. 12/74-6/78 totieq@aol.com
DK2 Curtis, Ronald L. 8/74-11/76
SK2 Daloisio, Raymond 6/81-11/83 Revray1958@Yahoo.com
BT3 Daniels, Jim "Danny" 75-78 jldaniels1956@yahoo.com Would like to hear from old (Mickey Mahan) shipmates.
FTG3 Dather, Dan 10/75-6/77 dandather@charter.net
SK2 Dattilo, John 82-84 Flintframer@aol.com
BT2 Davis, Kenneth B. 3/79-9/84 KDavisNJ1@Comcast.net
LCDR Dean, Mike 5/74-1/76
RM3 Decker, Allen 3/90-6/93
STG3 Dehne, Wayne G. 9/74-7/76 Came onboard when Mahan was in overhaul in Bath, Maine. Great to see website for Mahan and her crew. Would like to hear from others that might recognize my name.
MS3 DellaTorre, James 81-85 eurocook63@freenet.de
ET2 (SW Denz,David 8-6 Ddentz@comcast.net
Deutermann, Dave 3/92-12/92
DS2 Dice, Daniel 4/89-3/93 dan_dice@cox.net
EMCS Dickson, Richard T. 10/76-12/79
IC3 Dillard, Jim III 76-80 jdillard88@aol.com In home business @ www.truebluepromos.com
FC1(SW) Dippel, Richard 12/80-8/85 richarddippel@netscape.net
RM1 Docksteader, Garey W. 12/92-6/93
FTG2 Doleski, Bill 2/78-10/81 weebeesailin@verizon.net Never realized what a profound impact serving aboard the Mahan would be. Sad to see the current state of her demise. Like the Mahan, we are all loosing our youth. Proud to serve with all you guys.
BM3 Doperalski, Bradley S. 11/91-6/93 wideerslayer@yahoo.com
Doud, William E. 5/88-5/90
LCDR Doughterty, Bradford 10/78-5/82
OS3 Howe, Ken 11/74-12/77 pascoguy01@yahoo.com

Came aboard during refit at Bath Iron works.  Med Cruise 76 and UNITAS 77. Best OI Division ever (division battle awards proved that)!  We worked hard and partied harder !

SM2 Draughn, James 81-85
MM2 Duncanson, Andrew 2/89-4/93 eyrynet@hotmail.com
GMG2 Dunn, Jonny 79-81 dunnjonny@gmail.com
BM2 Dupee, John 11/86-5/91 johndupee@bellsouth.net
Durham, Edward H. 81-85 draughn-james@yahoo.com
BT2 Dyer, Gordon A. 4/88-1/91
BM2 Eberhardt, James 7/82-6/86 jghardt62@gmail.com
STG1 Eberius, Eric 1/81-4/85 eric.e@rohmann.com Enjoyed a lot of "firsts" on the Mighty Mahan.  First ship, first deployment, got married, even made 1st Class before leaving after just over 4 years for my first shore tour.  Great memories and a great place to start my Navy career!
ET2 Egan, Jeff 90-92 suprvulcan@earthlink.net
MM3 Eledge, Rick G. II 91-92 rickeledge@gmail.com
GMCS Elliott, Jeff
E3 Elliott, Terry 6/74-7/77 terry.elliott02@yahoo.com
SH2 Engel, William H. 5/78-3/82
OS2 Ensign, Jake 7/77-6/78  jake.ensign@yahoo.com
LT Espinosa, Rafael 1/85-2/88 respinosa@aol.com What a great crew!!!
LT Evans, Bruce 82-85 bevans8834@aol.com
NCCM Evans, William T. 6/81-7/84
ET3 Farber, Scott 1/91-9/92 scott@aelred.org
FCM2 Felix, Edwin 5/81-1/85
E-3 Fitzgerald, John L. 81-83 vettech2006@hotmail.com I am very proud of the Mahan, her Officers and crew. She was a great ship now sailing only in our memories .DDG-42.
QM1 Fitzjohn, Dennis
NCC Fleenor, Patrick 8/92-7/93 pfleenor@msn.com
GMG1 Floody, Richard 11/83-12/87 webserpher@yahoo.com I landed aboard ship on a helo with mail call in the Med. near Beirut. The Gun always fired!!!
LT Flores, Richard 6/78-4/81
ET2 Flores, Richard D. 77-82 rich2001_@hotmail.com 
BMSN Fox, George 1/78-1/81 geofox0504@yahoo.com
BT2 Frederick, Steven 3/75-1/79 fredericks@easternct.edu I joined the crew in Bath, ME and stayed with her through her Hull # change.
BT2 Frith, Steve G. 76-83 Steve@Southernbolting.com The BT's took everyone where they wanted to go and not go!  :-)
FCC Fuller, Donald A. 3/88-2/91
Fuller, Tom
LCDR Funk, William T. 11/80-11/82 funkie@cybrzn.com
MS3 (CS1) Fyke, John S. 5/91-2/93 john.fyke@yahoo.com My first ship in the Navy. Had great times and the Med Cruise 91-92 was most memorable with awesome shipmates from First Div before I struck as an MS. Will always cherish the good times onboard the Mighty Mahan.
HT2 Gailhouse, Russell 3/79-8/82
PC3 Garner, Mike 4/90-6/93
OS2 Garvey, Keith 5/81-6/84 idahoscpo@hotmail.com
ET2 Gauerke, Ronald 80-83 electronicron@aol.com Mahan was my first sea assignment. A lot of memories, some good and some bad. I learned a lot during my tour and greatful to have had the experience of learning what being a shipmate means.
BT3 Gensburger, Michael H. 75-77 greybeard12us@yahoo.com
HT2 George, Gary 84-87 pygmyridge@comcast.net Really miss being a turd chaser.
CAPT Gibson, Robert J. 5/83-2/85
IC2 Gionet, Tim 6/82-3/86
QM2 Glasgow, Chuck 10/77-10/81
FC2 Goodrich, Robert 9/85-1/90 robertgoodrich@mac.com
BT1 Graham, Ian C. 87-91
OSCM Greene, Greg 7/77-8/78
HT3 Grindley, Christopher 4/91-6/92 thegrindleys@yahoo.com First ship.
RM1(SW) (RMC(SW)) Griner, Vernon 5/82-12/85 rmccpo@yahoo.com
BTFN Groover, Randall M. 2/76-7/78 randygrv@yahoo.com
OS2 Guidry, David 11/86-4/90 david@guidryselectricalservice.com
FCCS(SW) Gullette, Steven 1/82-2/86 Dodge2500CTD@hotmail.com Aye! The absolute best ship I served in, with the best damned sailors!
BT3 Guthrie, Jim 87-90 gu3fam@yahoo.com Served in #1 fireroom with Lau, Veit, Tate, Bighead Neil, Strawn, Thorn, Chief Banks, Chief Trent, Mud Duck, Lehman, Graham, Fiedler, Higgins, Knight, Oxenberger, Ashby, Dyer, Cook, Holt, and many more I can't remember.
E-3 Hacker, Woodrow 4/86-9/87 whogenville65@yahoo.com
MS3 Hackney, Steve 1/77-8/80 shack57@verizon.net Signed my name, raised my hand and at 19 found myself on board the Mickey. What a great ride it was. I still tell stories of the friends I made and the adventures we had. I couldn't wait for my EOS to come but I have to say it put a large knot in my gut to see her getting cut up. HATS OFF to all.
STG3 Hale, James Theron (JT) 8/79-11/80 yourturnauto@earthlink.com
CWO4 Hallmark, William D. 5/85-5/87 DaveH@farmerstel.com Would like to hear from shipmates.
LT Hannan, Michael 1/81-6/84
E-3 (E-6) Harrington, Garry Lee 1/83-3/87
BM3 Hawkins, Tony "Hawk" 89-8/92 TONYHAWKINS12@HOTMAIL.COM Some of the best memories and friends I have ever had were onboard the "Mighty Mickie Mahan".
FTM2 (LT) Headley, Edward W. 10/74-5/76 ewheadley@yahoo.com Part of the Terrier missile system's fire control radar (AN/SPG-55B) gang.   Pre-commissioning detail with refit/overhaul at Bath Iron Works; Carribean shakedown cruise(GITMO); first deployment to the Med as DDG-42; detached 5/76 as part of NESEP program.   I'm waxing 'nostalgic' in my old age and would like to re-connect with some of my old shipmates with whom the letters and Christmas cards stopped being exchanged long ago.  My memories(good and bad) of our 'MICKEY' Mahan as we affectionately dubbed her remain vivid and I would be happy to reminisce.
BT2 Hendler, Brandon 6/85-5/87 cbhendler@comcast.net
OS2 Hendry, Brian L. 2/88-4/90 Standing Naval Forces Atlantic Nato cruise in 1989.I'll never forget standing iceberg watch in the North Atlantic!
FN Hesson, John "Doug" 3/85-4/88 doughesson@yahoo.com
ETCM(SW) Heyden, Michael J. 3/85-6/88 webmaster@franklinmaine.net
LCDR Hicks, Gerald T. (Jerry) 11/91-6/93 gthicks@verizon.net CHENG
BT1(SW) Higgins, Robert W. 7/86-7/91 rhiggins@comcast.net
RMC Hill, Robert A. 6/85-8/89 bobhill35@comcast.net Made Chief aboard Mahan. Left during STANAVFORLANT in Oslo Norway. Ah the Good Ole Days...
MR1(SW) (MRC(SW)) Hiller, Edward 82-86 HILLER_E@BELLSOUTH.NET
BT3 Hocker, Freddie 6/78-6/82 deeluvsfreddie@yahoo.com
ET3 Hobbs, Melvin 7/91-6/93
STGC(SW) Holmes, David W. 4/90-6/92
OS2 Hoogstraat, Byron 6/86-6/88 Bryonhoogstraat@yahoo.com She was my second ship, and I had a lot of good times on her.
OS3 Hooks, Gary 82-86 ghooks@sc.rr.com
OS2 Houston, Eundray 89-93 awann1@bellsouth.net
SN Huber, David 5/82-5/85
RM2 Hughes, Howard C. 7/87-3/91 howardh5790@msn.com I never dreamed the time I spent onboard would bring so many memories of the great people and places visited.
LT Hunt, Robert 9/78-9/82 huntrah@gmail.com
EW3 Hunter, Mark 10/83-9/86 lafinbare@gmail.com
HM2 Hurd, Terry 3/77-10/79 Tistech@sbcglobal.net Great Ship Great Crew.  John, Jim, Russell, David, Meto and hundreds more.
MMC Hutchins, James 2/90-2/93 hutch98@juno.com Thank you so much.
FC2 Jackson, Allen R. 2/89-6/93 jacksonar@verizon.net   This was my first ship. Really enjoyed working in Missile Plot.
E4 Jackson, Craig 11/89-7/92 tripletandone@peoplepc.com
CAPT Jackson, Jimmie R. 4/90-7/92
MM2 Jaramillo, Orlando, (OJ) 9/74-3/78 oljaramillo@yahoo.com Plank owner - came out of NTC Great Lakes right to the DLG-11 PreCom unit in Norfolk and later relocated to Brunswick, Naval Air Station in Maine.
Served onboard DDG-42 after her modernization refit. Discharged in 1978, I returned to Maine and gained employment at Bath Iron Works (BIW) where I continue to enjoy building US Naval Surface Combatants. Most noteworthy, BIW was the shipbuilder who built the latest most advanced ship (Arleigh Burke destroyer) to be named MAHAN (DDG-72) Go Navy!
PN3 Jereb, Charles 90-92 cljereb@hotmail.com
MR1 Jeter, Donnis 88-91
STG2 Joglar, Javier R. 5/88-5/92 joglarja@ddg90.navy.mil Who'd a thought this former STG2 would become a Chief Warrant Officer?  Still in and still kickin'.
MM3 Johnson, Chris 7/84-10/85
EMC Johnson, Dave 3/80-10/81 ClancyME@hotmail.com

This was one of my shortest tours, but one of the most rewarding ones!

LTJG Johnson, Ed 2/81-10/85 edj9898@yahoo.com DDG-42 was the finest ship I ever served on.  We had an exceptional wardroom and crew. I promoted from W-2 to W-3 to LTJG on this ship. It was great for my career and great for my sense of Navy camaraderie. Pax Per Maris Postestatum.
RM3 Johnson, Gregory D. "Cooney" 1/88-7/90 Gregorynavy87@aol.com
I learned a lot in the navy. I think it was one of the best moves I made. I really missed the overseas part of tour on the USS Mahan.
MM3 Johnson, Mike 11/90-4/93 fatboy1772@yahoo.com
MMCS(SW) Johnson, Steven W. 10/81-9/86 saltwater@elmnet.net
FC1 Jones, Jon C. 8/83-3/87 jcjones53@gmail.com
BT3 Jones, Peter A. 12/82-10/86 peterjones@optonline.net
BT1 Jones, Richard 79-84 dundalkdynamo@comcast.net
HM1 Jones, Robert C., Jr. 79-82 rjjr623@gmail.com
GMCS Jordan, Robert J. 10/80-5/83
FTM1 Kahoe, Patrick 81-86 kahoepc@atrc.navy.mil 
MS2 Kanavel, David 78-81 davekan@buckeye-express.com
BT2 Karlinsey, Herbert "Stretch" 91-93 herb8664@hotmail.com
IC2 Karpel, Ken 12/75-4/80
LCDR Katz, Douglas J. 12/77-5/79
BM2 Kavel, Kevin 5/77-1/80 kandk@centurytel.net
LT Kay, John 5/88-5/91 fourkays@comcast.net
BT1 Keeslar, Donald R. 9/79-5/81
MM2 Kelly, Eric 84-86 bluevette02@hotmail.com Looking for old friends to connect with.
IC2 Kepler, Timothy 86-88 usncporet@comcast.net
IC1 Kerbrat, Michael 5/75-3/76 navmeciccs@msn.com
FC2 Kevala, Karl 87-89 karlk@eng.umd.edu Mahan was my first of two ships. I'll always remember the great times I had going to the Carribean and other places. Hard to believe it was 17 years ago!
DS1 Kious, Andy L. 8/79-11/82
RM1 Kirk, Jay 5/88-2/92
OSC Kleinschmit, Richard H. 74-79 kleinric@knology.net 
MMFN Klessig, Brian 1/79-7/79 hvacrac-upcm@yahoo.com William L. Glenn Jr., CDR USN, The Best Captain in the Navy.
Clean Sweep, Never Miss, Beer on the Pier.
GMM2 Kohnen, Wayne 8/80-6/84 wkohnen1@yahoo.com
LCDR Koth, Howard 10/81-10/85 Anne.koth@charter.net
E4 Kozinski, Edwin J. 6/83-4/85 Looking for Mike Whittaker.
MM2 Kracl, Daniel 10/80-8/85 djkracl@cox.net Med cruise '83 Fwd engineroom
SK2 Kruml, Dan 11/75-9/78 dkruml@yahoo.com '76 Med Cruise and '77 Unitas
MM3 Kuhn, Scott 8/88-8/90 1st ship and had a good time while on her.  After many years, I do miss my time in the Navy.  Anyone from Main Control look me up.  Like to rekindle good old memories.
LT Laidlaw, Scott 6/76-2/80 scott.r.laidlaw@exxonmobil.com
BT3 Landers, Billy 11/81-07/85 Binkiesdad12@gmail.com
BT2 (SW) Langley, Charles (Ritchie) 10/88-1/91 crlangley67@gmail.com Worked in the aft fireroom.
BT3 Lau, David 85-89
BM2(SW) Leonardo, Michael 12/76-3/81


RM3 Lewis, Mark A. 2/83-7/87 malewis@aol.com
MM3 Lincoln, Kenneth A. 9/83-9/87
LTJG Linton, Jerry 10/79-3/82 edukator11@carolina.rr.com
SN Locsin, Joseph 5/92-6/93 johnjohnlocsin@yahoo.com Check on board DDG-42 as a Undesignated Seaman and was part of Decomm crew on 15JUN93. After, 14 Years.. Just got selected as a SKC. I will never forget, where I started on my US Naval career.  Currently station in COMFLEACT, Sasebo, Japan.
HT3 Loesch, David 11/80-8/84


IC1 Lofty, Joseph K. 2/76-3/82 lofysr@aol.com
GMM3 Long, Brian P. 2/76-12/79
RM3 Long, Keith D. 9/91-5/93 kdl88@hotmail.com I learned a lot from the crew of Mahan during my tour. I am currently a ITC(SW)onboard USS HALYBURTON (FFG 40). The Coontz-Class DDG's were the best ships in the fleet.
MS3 McKeever, Craig  (Longo,  Vincente   ) 8/77-3/81 vinnylongo@cox.net
BTFN Lopez, Anthony 86-90 pazuzuman@comcast.net I painted Freddy Kruger in the Boiler room during the Nato Cruise 1989.
BT1(SW) Lott, William 6/75-12/82 wmclott@sc.rr.com
GMC(SW) Lougher, David R. 5/85-6/89 dlougher@stny.rr.com DDG- 42 was my last ship- I retired in 1992.
CDR Lovejoy, Michael A, 3/82-7/84
LT Lyman, John F. 2/92-6/93
BT3 Lynch, Rick 5/78-2/82 Ricklynch1958@yahoo.com
EN3 Machado, Alberto 1/86-8/89 albermacha44@yahoo.com
OS3 Maddeford, Kenneth W. 11/74-7/76
FTM2 Maddox, Paul 10/78-10/82 wire_editor@yahoo.com Great ship, great crew, lots of great memories... and the sign on the door to the radar room: "55, THE LAW!"
BT3 Mahalik, Blaise 12/75-10/78
FTM2 Marcoux, Paul 10/81-8/85 pmar1543@hotmail.com
E-5 Marino, Harry 3/85-6/87 hmarino44@hotmail.com
GMM2 Marino, Joe 11/83-8/85
Associate Martin, Mrs. Loretta
MM2 Martin, Tim 90-93 timmartin432@roadrunner.com
GMG2 Mayberry, William 7/74-10/79 mayberrysemail@gmail.com Came out of NTC Great Lakes right  to the PreCom unit in Norfolk for DLG-11.Then to Bath Maine.Was in 1st Div for some time then went to CA Div to work on ASROC. Have a lot of photo's from the time I was on the MAHAN. If any one would like me to bring them to the next reunion, let me know. Need time get them ready.
MMFN Mayer, Barry 11/78-10/80 sundowne@swbell.net
BT2 McAfee, Kim L. 1/87-1/90 mcafee569@netzero.com I really do miss the days out at sea. I was the Ships Master At Arms and Mess Deck Master At Arms during my tour.
GMM3 Masseth, Mark 8/86-1/90 shadow_spark09@yahoo.com
GMM3 McCreery, Michael "Augie" 7/90-1/93 dps5860@hotmail.com It was great sailing with all that was aboard. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Am now an Officer with AZ Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol).
LT McDonald, Patrick D. 5/81-5/84
McDonald, Ralph
MM2 McDonnell, Thomas 4/81-12/84 notimethomas@hotmail.com
GMG3 McGrath, Scott 86-88 badtaz999@aol.com
GMM2(SW) McGrogan, John 11/84-10/88 mcleajohn@verizon.net My first and best ship, you got out of her what you put into her.
OS2 McIntyre, Steve 10/78-8/81 stevechris@new.rr.com
FTG2(SW) McKee, Michael A. 89-93 MikeandJo@Hughes.net
BT3 McKown, John 9/83-9/84


FTCS McMahon, William R. 5/75-6/77 mcmahonw@bellsouth.net Transferred to Fleet Reserve on 10 June 1977.
FTM2 McMillan, Malcolm 10/78-3/83 hilander58@gmail.com
E-3 Medina, Daniel 8/79-4/80 pilotsubmariner@yahoo.com Med Cruise '79!!
RM2 Meister, John 74-77 zmeister@embarqmail.com
EW3 Melchior, Jeff 9/88-4/90 jamelchior11@gmail.com
MS1 Meskel, Michael 4/82-11/85 Great boat Great crew.Served as wardroom ms under Cdr.Brown and Cdr.Bill who capped me to 1st.Thanks Skipper.Best suppo, Mr.Lovejoy.Miss you guys and all the cooks and crew, GO STEELERS 
FC3 Meskill, Mike 90-92 mmeskill@etcconnect.com
DCFN Meyer, R. B. 1/87-7/90 B.Meyer_1@charter.net Great memories.
IC1 Miller, Eric C. 1/78-10/82 The 4 years on the Mahan reshaped my life. I later got picked up by the Navy Flight program and flew for the Navy for 12 years. I retired as a LCDR in Nov. 1996. I am now a Pilot for United Airlines on the 767 and based at Chicago O'hare. I would love to hear from you and it is best to call me on my cell in the evenings. 850-529-8173.  4848 Topanga call me.
ET3(LCDR) Miller, Michael 4/87-10/89   MC_Miller@Lawyer.com

Currently still in reserves, I am currently a LCDR (LDO mustang).

MM3 Miller, Robert D. 11/86-1/88
BM2 Mills, Brian 6/77-5/82 bmills21@knology.net
EM3 Moerman, Scott 6/90-7/92 smoerman@wavecable.com
NCCM Montgomery, Marvin "Monty" 6/78-6/80
CAPT Moosally, Fred 5/79-10/80
RM3 (ITC(SW)) Morgan, Troy 2/87-4/90 troy_morgan_16@hotmail.com
ET2(SW) Moseley, Tom 83-87 tommose@bellsouth.net
MS1 Moss, Joseph G. 75-76
LT Moss, Tom 86-89 sog_49770@yahoo.com LDO, CICO
MM3 Murphy, Dennis 11/82-11/84 db_murf@yahoo.com MAIN CONTROL #1 SCREW CREW "SNIPES RULE" THE REST JUST DROOL!
RM2 Murray, Paul W. 6/82-5/86 pmurray10@maine.rr.com
CDR Muscarello, Vincent J. 8/82-8/86 vincemuscarello@gmail.com DCA, MPA, ELECTRONICS OFFICER
QM3 Naporski, Michael 10/81-5/83 rattlerone2000@yahoo.com
LCDR Nashold, Douglass M. 9/87-6/90
SN Neace, Derrick 91-7/92
BT3 Neal, Steven 2/90-8/92 ssndln@prodigy.net I was in the ABC shop and stood watch in #1 fireroom.
FTM2 Nelson, Jeff 74-77 jeff@martasystems.com Wonder where Little Johnny and Bunky are these days; two good shipmates but didn't find 'em here.
GMG3 Nelson, Rick 10/91-6/93 This was a great ship, and the best GMG's the fleet ever saw.  Thank you so very much to both my chiefs for helping me grow into the sailor I am today.
RM2 Nicholas, Dale E. 9/79-10/80 denicholas@centurytel.net
ET1 Nowalski, Alexander M. 10/79-3/83 alexcpo10@aol.com
FTM2 Oldenkamp, Duane 5/77-9/81 adoldenk@cox.net I spent 4 and half years on board DDG-42, most of it good and some of it bad. Went on the UNITAS cruise in '77 around South America as well as the Med cruise in '79. Between that spent most of our time in the Carribean on the missile firing test range and lobbing 5" shells at Vieques Island.
E-3 Onsager, John E. 77-80 lizwilsonbowling@yahoo.com

Thanks' for the memories, loved that South America cruise' and med' cruise, oH yes! U S N, I'D do it again.

FC1 Page, Frank 6/84-11/88 page@gru.net
LTJG/LT Painter, Ted 10/80-10/83 the2painters@verizon.net
GMM3 Palmer, Jon 10/90-6/93 songndanceman2003@yahoo.com
SM2 Paranada, Leandro "Lee" Jr. 78-80 lparanada@msn.com Best Signalmen Gang! SMC S.Grainger, SM1 G.Moore, SM2 L.Paranada, SM3 B.Rabechenia, SMSN R.Perry, SMSA G.Rehms, SMSA L.Lively.
MM2 Patriquin, Robert
E-5 Peeples, William 2/83-6/86 Got early out, went back in '87. Retired in 12/03
MM1(SW) Peffley, Ben 4/90-7/93 peffley@verizon.net A-GANG 2 ENGINE
MS3 Pena, Michael 12/89-10/91 mrpena429@yahoo.com
BT2 Perez, Luis 2/91-10/93 abcmanusn@hotmail.com
OS2 Petersen, Mike "Pete" 1/84-10/87 michael.r.petersen@navy.mil
CAPT Phillips, James W.
BM2 Phillips, Robert 12/76-12/80
QM2 Pihlcrantz, Robert M. 11/75-11/79 Pihlcop@cox.net
FC1 Pike, Al 10/82-11/86 Altrace2@Yahoo.com *****r, Fighter and a Tin Can Rider! Great times on the Mighty Mickey. Main Battery (Guns) Rules!
DS2 Pollett, Chris 10/82-10/85 I enjoyed looking at your site today. As a school teacher I refer to my Navy experiences, especially aboard the Mahan, on an ongoing basis. BZ!
SM2 (BMCM) Quinn, David 1/81-5/83 dquinn38019@gmail.com
MM3 Quiroz, Jose "D" 4/92-4/93
BT1 Rackley, Don 1/81-3/84 drackley@plantds.com
PN2 Ramirez, Misael 6/81-6/83 sungapo@aol.com
RM2 Ramsel, Dwight "Ike" 1/88-7/91
RM3 Ramos, Paul 7/78-8/80 paulzramos1@yahoo.com
LT Regan, William F. IV 1/83-11/84
SK1 Reilly, Phillip 6/77-10/80
MM3 Reinl, George 2/79-10/82 gar@clearwire.net
FC1 Richards, William T. 7/84-10/87 wrichards@rocketmail.com
OS2 Richardson, Robin 6/79-9/80 roparich99@sbcglobal.net
MM1 (SW) Rizk, Phil 88-93 phil0724@sbcglobal.net The memories I have from Main Control and 2 Engine are still a part of my life.
BT3 Roark, Donald 1/91-7/93 donlr40@yahoo.com
LT Robbins, Edward M. 7/81-12/83 edrobbins2@yahoo.com
MM2 Roberts, David 9/89-2/92 roberts.d.p@att.net
GMM3 Roberts, Jeff 2/83-7/85 fatjeff2u4u@yahoo.com
GMG1(SW) Robinson, John J. 6/89-8/91 jrobinson31564@aol.com

Mahan was my second ship and by far the best one I had the pleasure of serving in during my 23 year career.

OSC(SW) Robinson, Robin 6/79-9/80 roparich99@sbcglobal.net
MM2 Rodgers, John 7/84-6/88
LT Rogers, Graham D. 4/89-4/91
EWC(SW) Romine, Dale 2/86-11/90 ldromine@bellsouth.net
EW1 Rucci, Louis J. 1/81-6/84
BM3 Ryder, Daniel 89-91 GrumpyDan42@yahoo.com The Mahan was one of the best ships I served on and the NATO cruise was the best.I made a lot of friends.
EMC(SW) Samuelson, Lee C. 8/91-11/92 samuelsonlee@gmail.com Retired on the DDG-42.
OSSN Saranthus, Karl 12/90-5/92 ksaranthus@yahoo.com
ASSOC.  Schneider, Becky 78-81 bschneider75150@yahoo.com
E3 Schott, Stephen 10/86-4/88 grandmapbst@aol.com
RM2 Schriver, Brad 9/84-3/87
LT Schwinghamer, Kurt 12/89-2/93 hammerpu89@aol.com
GMM2 Scipione, Don 5/77-5/80 Dscipion@maine.rr.com
MM2 Scott, Steven R. 1/75-5/78 stscott2@verizon.net Was aboard as DLG11 and DDG42. First went aboard in Bath Maine,while in dry dock.
IC2 Sears, Calvin W. 2/83-5/85
LT Seits, Ronald G. 4/92-6/93
GMG2 Sepulveda, Mitchell A. 3/88-9/91 mitchell.sepulveda@navy.mil  Best damned Gun Gang and crew I have served with to date! Will be rotating back to sea in Oct'05, for my 5th sea tour, hopefully as a GMCS. Be safe and God Bless you all! R/GUNZ
MM2 Serra, Daniel 5/82-11/85 dsserra@comcast.net
DCC(SW) Shanken, Richard 7/81-7/89 blackdogracing@alltel.net
CMC Shattuck, Hamilton 3/87-6/93


Last CMC onboard DDG42.  Decommissioned her 15 June 1993 with Capt. Jeff Sweet. 26 years in the Navy with 2 tours on Mahan and she was the best by far!
TMC Shearer, Roger 84-87
RM2 Shenk, Mark 1/78-1/82 minnepoo@aol.com
DK1(SW) Sherman, Thomas E. 4/82-6/86 tesherman@aol.com
EW2 Sherping, Terry 5/87-11/88 tsherp@yahoo.com
GMM3 Shock, Samuel 3/85-11/87 Calli@grandecom.net
BT2 Shortsleeve, Leo D. Jr. 4/80-9/84 prez2690@msn.com
OS2 Shortsleeve, Michael A. 3/82-6/85 sleeve2001@hotmail.com
CAPT Shuford, Jacob L. 6/84-8/86
BT2 Sickels, Richard 7/75-12/78
FTM3 Sigmund, S. Kurt 4/75-4/79 Outstanding Duty Station, enjoyed all that I served with. Some of the best Training was during the Upgrades and testing we did.
BT3 Simmons, Nathaniel 91-93 nathaniel.simmonsjr@us.army.mil
DK3 Singleton, Steven P. 7/89-3/92 sps1963@aol.com
BT2(SW) Sloan, Clifford L. 10/78-12/83 cliffy_l@yahoo.com
BT3 Small, Tim 78-81 timsmall@windstream.net
FC2 Smejkal, Jim 85-89 bojunk1@comcast.net Boy how I hated the Navy back then!  But looking back it was good for me - so sorry to anyone I aggrevated...
RM2 ( ITC(SW)) Smith, Charles 9/86-2/90 smithch1@msn.com I really enjoyed my tour aboard her from 1986-1990. The most memorable cruise was the SNFL from June 1989 to Dec 1989. We got back home just before christmas that year. I was then an RM2. I made RM1 after I transferred from her in 1990. I will never forget that my Senior Chief recognized the fact that I had the knowledged, skills and leadership ability to become an RM1. After I told him that I was missing the cutoff everytime by a point or two, he told me that I should have a high enough eval when I depart to make first class. He was correct. I made 1st class on the next test. With my evaluation adjusted to my ability and productivity, I was able to score high enough. After getting over that hurdle, I ultimately made RMC. I retired after 20 years in Jun 2000. Thank you Senior Chief. If I could remember your name, I would've gladly mentioned it. I do remember that you were tall and slim.
MM3 Smith, Chris 3/88-6/90
ETCM(SW) Smith, Edward C. Jr. 5/88-5/91
FC1 Smith, Marlowe G. 87-91 Marlowe.smith@navy.mil
RM2 Smock, Dennis 81-85 tsmock@utk.edu
PO2 Snyder, Leonard 10/74-1/76 leonard_snyder@yahoo.com When I first saw the Mahan, she was decommissioned and undergoing refit at Bath Iron Works. I left her the day before shemade her first Med cruise as DDG-42.
DSC Sorem, Kristov Sr. 4/85-2/87
CDR Soupiset, Robert I. 10/76-9/78 rsoupiset@msn.com Best ship I was ever on--fantastic ships company. They were the best at everything they did.
MM1 (MMCS) Spulick, Richard 2/78-8/79 spudrichard@aol.com
STG3 Stanford, Ebon 77-79 whtknt21@hotmail.com
STG1 Stanley, John 88-89 wwjd_jesus@hotmail.com Best cruise I was ever on...NATO...loved the countries in the North Atlantic...great group of guys to serve with...My career end at this duty station (somewhat abruptly if i remember correctly...laff). I think my favorite part of the cruise, well one of them anyway, was being temporarily station on the German ship for 4 days...that was so cool...beer on board, woulda thought... and it was Becks.
RMC Stebbins, Joe 11/85-5/89 joesteb@verizon.net
BT1 (SW) Stegall, Billy J Jr. 4/86-9/89 smokey10bear@yahoo.com

Worked in the Oil Lab. Also In both Firerooms.Leading PO in number 2 Fireroom. Worked with some great guys.

SN Stewart, David R. 78-79 russellstewart@thatchurch.com I was a SN in 1st Division while on the Mahan. I finished my Navy career an an MA2 at the Little Rock Naval Reserve Center.
E3 Stimson, Mike 87-89 STIMSONMIKE@YAHOO.COM I really enjoyed my tour.
FC1 Strause, Lewis W. 11/90-10/92
RM2 Streetman, Perry L. 7/81-9/83 PerryStreetman@aol.com
CDR Sweet, William J. 2/92-6/93
MS3 Swick, Richard A. 3/82-8/84 RICHARDSS43@YAHOO.COM
RM2 Taulbee, Tom 6/79-8/82 cbp@zoomtown.com Looking for Mark Shenk and Paul Ramos.
OSC Taylor, Ron , Sr. 8/74-12/77 rtayloir421@lowcountyr.com
BT2(SW) Taylor, Scott J. 6/81-9/84 staylor77@sbcglobal.net
ICC Teague, Richard 5/86-9/87 rrtea202@hotmail.com
EM2 Tee, Bryan 9/79-10/82 bdbtee@mchsi.com
FC2 Thomas, Reuben 6/88-6/92 reuben.thomas@navy.mil
LT Thonpson, Gregory K. 11/91-6/93
EM3 Thompson, Joseph 88-90 justlooking54756@yahoo.com
MM1 Tischler, Dale G. 5/87-9/90 littlelions1@juno.com
FC2 Titus, Barry A. (Clever) 5/85-2/90 Barry.Clever@bclever.net
OS3 Toon, Perry 87-90 perrytoon@tooninsurance.com
EM Torkelton, Abe emcTorkelton5763@cape-mail.com
FC3 True, Dennis 3/92-6/93 dmtrue@msn.com
LT Tuggle, Bill 8/79-9/82 wctug@cox.net
EM2 Tunnock, John 88-92 truckerjohn2983@hotmail.com
DC3 Turner, Eddie R. 12/90-4/92
GMM3 Turner, James 12/80-6/84 jimleofl@yahoo.com
YN2 Twyman, Michael 5/83-10/88 Served under CDR D.S. Bill and CDR Crawshaw.  Was ship's secretary.
MM2 Vandewater, Jeffrey 9/76-9/80 vandewaterfive@aol.com
OS2 VanKuren, Steve 83-87 vankurens@battelle.org
FCC(SW) Varney, Theodore (Ted) S. 5/90-6/93 tedvarney@hotmail.com
OS1 (OSC) Vega, Ernie 12/77-5/83 ernierefry@yahoo.com
DS2(SW) Vernetti, James P. 9/83-6/86 jvernetti62@yahoo.com
MM3 Wagner, John 8/81-11/84 wagner1959@msn.com I would like to hear from some of the main control guys who served from 1981-1984,its been a long time since I have heard from anyone!!!
SK1 Waite, Patrick W. 9/90-10/92 waitep1@cox.net My wife Barbara was the last Ombudsman onboard DDG-42 and to date, we have yet to find a better ship or duty station. Proud Destroyerman!
FTM1 Wallace, Michael C. "Mike" 11/75-2/80 2bookworms@bellsouth.net
EW3 Warguleski, Christopher "Wargy" 1/86-5/87 squid4life2005@yahoo.com
LT Watford, Gene 10/74-2/76
BT2 Watson, Billy E. 3/77-3/82 billy.watson@bp.com Would like to hear from everybody!!! has anyone seen Nicky Don Strom?
MM3 Watson, John 9/76-9/80 watson9296@hotmail.com Would like to hear back from the guys in No. 1 and 2 engine rooms.
OS2 Webb, Richard (Lloyd) 79-82 bighouse60@hotmail.com
SH2 Wheeler, Glenn 2/81-10/85 gwheeler@scana.com
CWO2 White, Tom 7/74-10/77
BT3 Whiteman, Frank 8/86-8/89 twhiteman@verizon.net
CDR Whittle, Mickey 5/79-2/82 mwhittle3@yahoo.com
E5 Wilson, Roger 83-86  rogerwilson538@gmail.com
DS3 Wilkins, Olric 4/75-12/79 olric.wilkins@navy.mil
GMMSN Williams, Jay 10/89-10/90 Enjoyed my short time on the mahan. I arrived just before we left for Europe and departed right after we got back from the Caribbean. I worked on the ASROC launcher and had to put up with those danged sonar techs.
Willis, Martin
RM1 Wilson, Gerald (Jerry) 82-84 jerrynenaw@comcast.net
MM3(SW)  (MMCS (SW/AW)) Wilson, Joe 2/90-4/93 Jacki502b@gmail.com
MM2 Windsor, Daniel 6/76-12/79 dawindsor1@hotmail.com
MM2 Wineland, Dale E. 1/75-4/78 acmeout@bex.net
MM3 Winegardner, John 1/84-6/87 johninnaples@yahoo.com
EN1 Winn, Billy R. 77-79 MRWINN@HUGHES.NET I never forget on this  ship and the greatest crew and officers to have serviced with in the Navy.
FTM2 Winner, Douglas 8/79-6/83 dougwinner@cox.net
PN2 Wohlford, Kurtis K. 78-80 kwohlford@msn.com
ICC Woleben, Mike 2/79-11/82
GMM2 Wolford, Thomas 91-93
BTFN Woodson, Mark 2/87-2/89 gollum47@bellsouth.net
GMG3 Woodward, Dennis "Woody" 4/75-8/78 MedKnight911@yahoo.com
FTM2 (FTM1) Wygant, Mark 79-80
Wylie, James M. 9/81-6/83
MMC Yoder, Jefferson 1/90-93 jefferson_yoder@hsb.com Made Chief on this great ship.
ETC Young, Gene 6/76-7/79 I also designed and integrated the Radio Communications Suite of the DDG 72
MM2 Ziemke, Gregg ?/74-4/77 gwz@cox.net Retired Captain
FTGC Zink, John 11/78-1/83 zinkjohn@hotmail.com