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This report is from Richard Ross of DLG-11:
He writes, "I am unable to attend the reunion this year, unfortunately Branson is about 60 miles from where I grew up and where my family stills live. Don't miss the cave at Silver Dollar City. it is interesting. Also try to see most of the shows, they are really great.
There are a lot of venues on the strip but believe it or not (although I am not a great fan) the Dolly Parton show is really good. In addition there is Shepard of the hills which was a place made famous (National historic site) that the book written by Harold Bell Wright wrote the book Shepard of the Hills, two of the characters in the book are the man and wife who Wright stayed with. The people who built the home and are in the book were (Aunt/Uncle) of my father.
The lake is great also.
On a side note on the way away from Branson towards Springfield is a restaurant that has good food, it has been on television. The food is great, large quantities aside to what they serve you in addition to what you ordered. One of the things they are noted for is aside from good food they throw the rolls across the room to you.
Cash or check a only, no credit cards."

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